Frequently Asked Questions

What made you write a movie about prostitutes?

Well, I first became interested in the subject when I went to a karaoke bar and heard the song “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. That was the first time I ever heard the subject of prostitution told in such a multi-layered way and it really fascinated me coming from a woman’s perspective.

I revisited the idea when one morning when I was working at WREG (a CBS affiliate) and I saw a story about an undercover prostitution sting. As they were arresting the women, they kept referring to them as “prostitutes” which I found annoying. However, I became curious as to why a woman would choose this way of life and instantly I thought it would be a great idea to write about.

Are any of the characters based on real women?

The characters were based on a combination of women that I have known and experiences that they have gone through. I did talk to women that currently work as prostitutes or worked as prostitutes in their past and I was able to write from a more knowledgeable point of view. Also, I used a lot of other personal experiences as well that didn’t relate directly to prostitution.

Does this film contribute to the negative stereotypes already affecting people of color? How many movies about guns, drugs, violence and sex do we already have starring African-Americans?

This is usually a question I get from people who haven't seen the film. And I understand why. When you see a title called "Tricks." and it is a story about prostitution and women of color, knee-jerk reactions are understandable.

Guns, drugs, violence and sex are all a part of life and the majority of films portray these themes in one way or another. What is considered negative is very relative and subjective, especially in entertainment because it is a gray area that usually correlates with an agenda.

In a film, someone has to play the bad guy, there has to be conflict or there will be no story. I personally like to write about edgy topics, that's where much of the creativity happens and I prefer to do it in an open-minded way. That's my personal style. Prostitution is a part of life. And "Tricks." is not a "black" movie or a movie portraying prostitutes in misogynistic ways. It is a story about women. It is a story that humanizes a lifestyle that many people who have never lived it do not understand.

Do you support prostitution?

I support personal freedom of choice provided that choice does not harm anyone including One's self. Also, since I have not ever lived the life of a “working girl”, I believe have no right to tell them how to live their lives.

The reason I took a non-judgmental approach to “Tricks” is because it was too easy to write about all of the women trying to get out of the business. How many times has that been done? In reality, that doesn’t happen all the time. Many times, people find contentment in what they do and how they are. And that’s the approach I wanted to take with “Tricks.” The story is about the lives of six women who just happen to be prostitutes, which was so much more interesting to write about than being preachy and telling people what they should or should not do, think, or believe.

Is any of this based on your personal life? Were you once a prostitute?

No, I have never been a prostitute and in spite of this recession, still will not go that route. I do however know what it feels like to be rejected, to be torn between two people I love, to have a secret and want to reveal it to someone I love, but just don’t know how – all of these themes were addressed in “Tricks” and none of them have anything to do with prostitution.

What’s next for DeAara Lewis and Drama Queen Entertainment?

I am currently working on a few projects that I am very excited about! I am in development for my much-anticipated follow up web series inspired by my real life - “Who the Hell is Nikki Love?” It’s a story about, Nicole Love, a quirky, ambitious but deeply troubled woman, who after a devastating break up, turns to the help of an eccentric, off-beat therapist who helps her discover why she repeatedly chooses unhealthy men by taking her back into her painful but very wild and antic filled past.

I’m also in the process of launching my own Youtube Channel featuring my one-woman variety show entitled "The People Inside My Head." I will be going back to my roots by portraying many diverse and assorted characters with a unique twist.

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